ANNOUNCEMENT: Pesta Filem KITA 2 Grant Application

Pesta Filem KITA is back and boy do we have some catching up to do. Do you still remember what it felt like when the results of GE14 came out? And do you feel like you are really living in a New Malaysia? Read on! This year, Pesta Filem KITA’s theme of ‘Youths and the New Malaysia’ is all about putting youths and film front and center, and how both should be recognised as having the power to express new hopes and dreams, and address ongoing issues. What would a better Malaysia look like? What are the challenges that we need to confront in order to progress? If anyone can visualise a New Malaysia that is more open and inclusive, it should be Malaysian youths. Stay tuned for an announcement on successful film grant applications, the jury panel, and other important dates! Feeling patriotic and expressive? Share your thoughts on ‘Youths and New Malaysia’ by creating YOUR short film! Click on this link to register and to know more about the selection criteria and application guidelines.


PENGUMUMAN: Geran Pembikinan Filem Pesta Filem KITA 2

    Hai semua! Pesta Filem KITA akan kembali dengan geran pembikinan filem dan kali ini dengan beberapa perkara baru. Antaranya – Adakah anda masih ingat perasaan apabila keputusan Pilihanraya ke 14 diumumkan ? Dan adakah sekarang ni anda rasa betul-betul hidup dalam Malaysia Baru ? Dengan tema “Anak muda dan Malaysia Baru”, Pesta Filem KITA kali ini adalah tentang anak muda dan pembikin filem, dan bagaimana golongan ini mampu untuk mengekspresikan impian dan harapan baru serta mengangkat isu-isu yang sedia ada. Apakah yang sepatutnya ada untuk Malaysia yang lebih baik? Apakah cabaran perlu dihadapi untuk mencapai pembaharuan ?

Kami percaya, jika ada pihak yang mampu membayangkan Malaysia Baru dengan lebih terbuka dan inklusif – ia adalah anak muda. Maka, teruskan bersama kami untuk pengumuman geran filem Pesta Filem KITA dan acara-acara yang lain.
Rasa patriotik dan ekspresif? Kongsikan pendapat anda mengenai ‘Anak Muda dan Malaysia Baru’ dengan membikin filem ANDA sendiri! Klik pautan ini untuk mendaftar  dan mengetahui kriteria pemilihan dan garis panduan penyertaan. ]]>

Human Rights Advocacy Tools Workshop

  Projek Dialog is back again! But this time, in conjunction with “Human Rights Day”, we proudly present to you, The “Human Rights Advocacy Tools Workshop” – a two-day workshop where you will learn about risk assessment, counter-narratives, self-care, and digital security. Are you curious about what it is like to do “Human Rights Advocacy”? Interested and concerned to lend a helping hand to a cause you care about deeply? Or just eager to learn about “Human Rights” in general? Then come join our two-day workshop this weekend! Lunch and refreshments provided. Please RSVP at the link below as seats are limited to 20 pax per day as we want to ensure a great experience for everyone and also to ensure that no food is wasted. RSVP: Info: Victoria 017-2565141]]>