The Interpretation of Women

by Faisal Tehrani (Translated from “Tafsir untuk Perempuan”)   THERE is a book by Faqihuddin Abdul Kodir, an Indonesian scholar that I think is very interesting. It’s called Qira’ah Mubadalah: Progressive Interpretation for Gender Justice in Islam. It reminds me of a video published by Projek Dialog with a similar title ‘Feminism is not Anti-Islamic’ […]

The Myth of the Drunk Minority

by Yvonne Tan   The “Bangsar brawl” which happened around 1 am on 13th March 2021 opened up a can of worms. The graphic videos of the assault went viral all over social media which prompted many to reinforce stereotypes of drunk, fighting Indians. In true dystopian fashion, there were many filming the incident but […]

Can we spread hate speech through literature?

by Faisal Tehrani (Translated from “Bolehkah Menyebarkan Kebencian Menerusi Sastera?”)   I recently read ‘Hate Speech: An Infographic’ on Projek Dialog’s website. It’s interesting because that same week, my fellow writers and I celebrated the arrival of PEN Malaysia. We’ve organised a 3-series online literary fest called ‘Sembang Baru’. After the event, it was asked […]

The Tea on the Missing Teh Tarik

by Yvonne Tan   #MilkTeaAlliance began a year ago when Thai actor Vachirawit Chivaree posted that Hong Kong was a country in an offhanded manner. It resulted, as expected, with uproar from netizens and attacked an old post by Chivaree’s girlfriend who stated that Taiwan was a country as well. However, Thai netizens defended their […]

Darurat Diaries

by Yvonne Tan   “How are you? I wish you all in the best of health always.” was how Muhyiddin began his special announcement of Emergency. On the contrary of Muhyiddin’s personable opening, darurat has always been a term that invokes fear, conjuring up real memories of curfews and stockpiling goods that ensued after the […]

Tomoi: A Blow by Blow Account

by Yvonne Tan   Think of an indigenous martial art in Malaysia. Immediately we would think of silat. However, like most places in Southeast Asia, each place has a variant of Muay Thai. Myanmar has Lethwei, which is usually said to be one of the more brutal martial arts around given it permits headbutting and […]

Negotiating Love in Malaysia

by Yvonne Tan Maybe it is just me, but conversion, of course tied to religion and race, seem to be a preoccupation of the dating world here. There is always hesitation between Muslims and non-Muslims because everyone knows if you are truly committed, you would have to convert. In some ways, it also shows that […]

Feminist Women of Faith: An Oxymoron?

by Yvonne Tan Feminism is sometimes discussed utilizing religious and localized lenses, but remains primarily discussed through the “Big Three” schools of feminist thought – liberal, socialist and radical feminism. Not to mention in the globalized world we live in, feminist narratives from the western world may seem more prominent, hence, the rise of the […]