The Revolution is Viral

By Ahmad Fuad Rahmat Triggered Now is not the time for the rich to complain about how difficult they have it. That is what Aleeya Zailan and Vivy Yusoff is learning the hard way. It all began when Aleeya remarked, in obvious reference to Bantuan Perihatin Nasional (BPN), that the B40 will be rich during […]

Backdoor 2020: Some Lessons for Civil Society

By Ahmad Fuad Rahmat The government’s ‘backdoor’ takeover meant that this follow up to part one had to be wholly re-written. Just as the game has changed so too should civil society’s strategic options. The question of strategy, in any case, is a good way to begin our consideration of where civil society may have […]

Joint Collaboration with Bachelor of Social Sciences of Taylor’s University

Recently on the 20th of January 2020, the joint collaboration between Projek Dialog and Bachelor of Social Sciences programme of Taylor’s University was launched. This 5-year partnership or ‘akad nikah’ as the emcee wittily mentioned, aims to create avenues for work-based learning within its social sciences programmes. As spoken by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dr Pradeep […]

Ronda Pesta Filem KITA 2020

For the past 2 months, Projek Dialog has embarked on a journey all across Malaysia to bring the people thought-provoking & heart-wrenching short films, along with the opportunity to be filmmakers themselves. Apart of Pesta Filem Kita (PFK), Projek Dialog’s annual Malaysian film festival, the team along with the esteemed filmmakers from previous film festivals […]

Projek Dialog is Hiring!

We are seeking an assistant project manager to implement a host of events that explore how new media can increase positive awareness of religious freedom for a New Malaysia.  In particular, the assistant project manager will be working alongside the general manager to organise a social media festival, several seminars, citizens’ journalism trainings and board […]

Desentralisasi pilihan terbaik untuk pertumbuhan Malaysia

Penulis: Wing Thye Woo, Universiti Sunway, Universiti California di Davis Kelas menengah yang semakin berkembang di Malaysia menaruh harapan besar ke atas pembangunan ekonomi negara. Namun negara tidak akan bebas daripada ‘perangkap pendapatan sederharna’ (middle-income trap) dan tidak akan mencapai pertumbuhan yang merangkumi semua lapisan social jikalau terus ditakbir di bawah dasar-dasar kerajaan sekarang. Untuk […]