Five books on Malaysia’s National Passion

by Yvonne Tan   Every so often racial tropes by politicians make headlines, sparking heated debates on the topic Malaysians love talking about but never candidly — race. Take for example Mahathir’s incessant blaming of Malays for being lazy which was followed by letters almost always citing Syed Hussein Alatas’ Myth of the Lazy Native […]

A Brief Inquiry into “Bossku”

by Yvonne Tan   As Najib Razak was found guilty of all seven charges, his supporters — also known on Twitterjaya as ‘kluster Bossku’ — gathered outside of Kuala Lumpur High Court chanted “Bebas Bossku”, “Bossku tak bersalah” with the fault lying in “Tun Mahathir Mohamad kejam”. Najib’s daughter (@yananajib) also took to Instagram, posting […]

CENSORED: A Forum this 4th of August 2020

What CAN our panel of experts say on how the state of freedom of expression looks like right now in their respective areas of work?   Imagine being told that your article needs “adjusting” so as not to displease the directors of your news agency. Imagine being called up for questioning one day because you […]

Penggunaan Dialek dalam Perbahasan Bahasa di Malaysia

oleh Yvonne Tan   (Terjemahan artikel “Regional dialects in Malaysia’s Language Debate”)   Isu bahasa di Malaysia sering dibahaskan dari masa ke masa, dan perkara ini sering dibangkitkan dalam penggunaan bahasa perantara di sekolah terutamanya dalam subjek Matematik dan Sains. Sama ada daripada bekas Menteri Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan, Rais Yatim yang memberi pandangannya kepada […]

Regional dialects in Malaysia’s Language Debate

by Yvonne Tan   Language debates within Malaysia are almost always highly charged. From time to time the heated medium-of-instruction debate between Bahasa Malaysia vs. English Language for Maths and Science props up every so often. Be it from then Minister of Information, Communication and Culture, Rais Yatim sneering at a journalist “Saya tak jawab […]

Looking for a Social Media Research Assistant

Job vacancy alert 🚨🚨🚨   Projek Dialog is embarking on ‘Leveraging Media for Advocacy Objectives,’ a six-month research project on politically effective social media usage. We are looking for dedicated research assistants to help to facilitate surveys, analyze data and manage social media platforms for strategic outreach on intercultural understanding.   1. Job scope: a) […]