Event Review: Exploring Feminist Bodies

Aairenee starting her session with some body awakening exercises.   Aairenee demonstrating some poses for menstrual relief while an audience member helps draw out the pelvic region due to her medical expertise.   Aairenee explaining the meaning behind the word ‘prana’.   More poses for menstrual relief; a man is seen participating in this session together with the women.   Kamini showing a video of her dance production teaser to illustrate to the audience how the body can be used to express.   Kamini showing another video of a teaser that highlights pedophilia and child predators.   Kamini showing everyone how to do the basic stance in Bharatanatyam.   A man joins the women in doing some basic gestures in Bharatanatyam.   Everyone enjoying a good laugh from making mistakes in the poses.   Victoria talking about erotophobia and homophobia that is present in our society when encountering martial arts that involve a lot of physical contact and grappling.   Cassandra sharing her personal experience of abuse and how she overcame it with greater confidence and respect for her body through martial arts.   An audience member being recorded while asking a question about the notion of consent in physically-intimate situations.    Cassandra debunking the myth of internalized misogyny by showing an audience member pictures of women bonding and hugging after competitions and trainings.   Cassandra demonstrating a simple move to neutralize your enemy when being attacked on the ground.   Sha sharing her story of experiencing micro-aggression and paternalistic behavior due to being wheelchair-bound.   An audience member (blue jacket) asking about the possibility of being violated if one is disabled and unable to defend oneself.   Audience members continuing to engage with Sha after her session had finished.   Mischa sharing a humorous take on her story of transitioning and what gender dysphoria means.   Vizla discusses the anxiety surrounding women’s bodies and how bodies remember trauma.   The audience listening intently during the discussion on body image and body dysmorphia.   Projek Dialog’s decision to end the year by organizing a fun and meaningful event on feminist bodies proved to be a good one. The event was successful due to the numbers that turned up, and also due to the feedback we received from very happy attendees. Most of them echoed the same thoughts, that the event made them all feel more empowered and confident as men and women, helped them get closer to loving and understanding their bodies, and emboldened them to challenge existing narratives on the body and on women. This was also our first time putting in place policies and charters on responsible and sustainable practices. We enforced a strict RSVP policy, reminded all attendees to discard their waste in the correct bins, and urged everyone to bring extra food back home. We also ordered from a caterer that only makes clean, healthy food, and had a commitment to preserving the environment. Our attendees were very cooperative in complying with all of our above requests. Some also emailed us to cancel their food orders when they could not attend, because they did not want to waste food. Everyone had so much fun during the physical activity segments on yoga, dance and martial arts. The crowd in the room were freely expressing themselves and did not seem afraid or shy in asking questions or trying out new moves. We were glad to see everybody connect with their bodies. The discussions on disability, body dysmorphia, sexual bodies, body traumas, and gender dysphoria were just as invigorating and relaxed. Speakers were freely making jokes and the audience felt like they were having a talk with their friends on very important and sometimes sensitive topics. The speakers were effective at humanizing themselves, and endearing themselves to the audience. Projek Dialog is considering doing a second series on feminism and the body, provided that we have the time and fund allocation for it. We would like to thank all our speakers and the attendees for making this event a meaningful one.]]>