We Projek Dialog are reproducing the press statement by the CFM below, in relation to the problems that our nation is currently facing. In solidarity with the CFM, we also that all Malaysians, regardless of our creed, race and religion will be guided by our responsibility to the nation to make this is a peaceful state.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) reminds the Church we are mandated to pray for our nation as we witness escalating tensions in our beloved land.

Guided by our ethos to “act justly, love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8), the CFM (as the umbrella organisation for Malaysian Christians) offers the following perspectives from our role guided by our conscience and responsibility to the nation:

  • Threats of violence have been unabated for weeks, and protests and actual violence have occurred around the nation, with even more promised.  Peaceful rallies should be respected, albeit we may hold differing views. Perpetrators of violence should not be emboldened by the inaction of authorities who have been mandated to maintain peace in our nation.
  • We Malaysians look to our government and its agents who serve to protect all citizens to take action to curtail this escalating and potentially incendiary situation where even ‘a blood bath’ has been part of the threats without restricting peaceful assemblies, rallies and gatherings. Parliament should take steps to chide Members of Parliament who defend such threats to the peace and stability of our nation. And respective constituencies should be reminded of the position and conduct of these representatives at the next general election.
  • There are individual Malaysians, civil society organisations and the media who are being harassed, some are receiving death threats and even investigated for mere allegations – to the extent that the non-partisan International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) has called on our authorities to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into unlawful acts of intimidation against Malaysians and identifying and bringing to account those responsible.


  • Urges all investigations into donations, funding and grants to be carried out thoroughly without fear or favour. Selective action not only serves to encourage further criminal activity but it brings further shame to our nation;
  • Calls upon all citizens, government officials and Members of Parliament to fiercely defend democracy and the fundamental freedoms guaranteed therein under the Federal Constitution;
  • Hopes that our media remains independent and unfettered in reporting. As a nation which seeks to attain developed nation status, this journey surely must include nurturing a mature and unencumbered press which can be a source for both those in authority and citizens, to articulate clarification, praise, concerns and grievances.
We call on all Malaysians to play their role in keeping the peace of our nation without curtailing our rights or jeopardising our safety and stability.

Most of all, the CFM calls upon all Malaysians to join us in praying for our beloved nation.

Rev. Dr. Eu Hong Seng, Chairman and the Executive Committee, The Christian Federation of Malaysia.