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ANNOUNCEMENT: Pesta Filem KITA 2 Grant Application

Pesta Filem KITA is back and boy do we have some catching up to do. Do you still remember what it felt like when the results of GE14 came out? And do you feel like you are really living in a New Malaysia? Read on! This year, Pesta Filem KITA’s theme of ‘Youths and the New Malaysia’ is all about putting youths and film front and center, and how both should be recognised as having the power to express new hopes and dreams, and address ongoing issues. What would a better Malaysia look like? What are the challenges that we need to confront in order to progress? If anyone can visualise a New Malaysia that is more open and inclusive, it should be Malaysian youths. Stay tuned for an announcement on successful film grant applications, the jury panel, and other important dates! Feeling patriotic and expressive? Share your thoughts on ‘Youths and New Malaysia’ by creating YOUR short film! Click on this link to register and to know more about the selection criteria and application guidelines.


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