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Joint Collaboration with Bachelor of Social Sciences of Taylor’s University

Recently on the 20th of January 2020, the joint collaboration between Projek Dialog and Bachelor of Social Sciences programme of Taylor’s University was launched.

This 5-year partnership or ‘akad nikah’ as the emcee wittily mentioned, aims to create avenues for work-based learning within its social sciences programmes.

As spoken by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dr Pradeep Nair, it is believed that private universities have a tendency to shy away from courses that have “less” market value. However, it is important to be steeped in issues surrounding humanity, and the university’s current approach in disrupting the traditional models of education will seek to support social innovation and social change in the country.

This goes hand in hand with Projek Dialog’s objectives, to transgress lines of the status quo in Malaysia such as regimentation and stagnant policy as well as forging fresh partnerships with youths and the creative community. Projek Dialog aims to use the voice of the youth and the messaging of the arts to stimulate better conversations.

This programme will not only help students to become ‘industry-ready’ by the end of their programme, but more than anything, encourage them to graduate from being a marginalised voice to being youth advocates for social change.


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