Menangani Keganasan Seksual Terhadap Kanak-kanak

MARYAM Lee, 24, experienced sexual grooming and harassment as early as when she was 10. She just never realised it until she watched R.AGE’s Predator In My Phone series. While most of the grooming happened on Friendster and MySpace, the scariest incident took place “offline”. “When I was 13, I met a senior in the school canteen, and he asked me to go to his car. Once we were in his car, he tried to touch me, and I was only saved by the school bell,” she said during the launch of Unicef’s #ReplyForAll-MY campaign. She never told anybody about her ordeal, thinking she would get in trouble. “I thought it wouldn’t sit well with others,” said Lee, now an event manager with Projek Dialog. “In our culture, people would rather scold their kids rather than talk about sex, which further feeds our ignorance.” Baca artikel penuh di sini: