Is feminism for men, or does it make victims of men? With the recent #metoo and #timesup movements spreading across the globe, and the women’s march in Kuala Lumpur gaining momentum, what is the role of a man in all this? Can the world be a better place if men were to stand up with women and fight systemic oppression together? How do we talk about this without robbing the spaces and voices of women? Come find out if the gender pay gap is a myth, how rape culture is perpetrated, and learn about toxic masculinity, while unlearning it at the same time. Let us delve into this layered discussion together with Kelvin Ang, an Advocacy Officer from WAO; Rizal Rozhan, a women’s rights activist from EMPOWER; Netusha Naidu, the founder of Imagined Malaysia; Saran Anandan, and Neda Al-Asedi, who are brilliant and thoughtful students from UNMC.]]>