Buddhist Maha Vihara

  • This Theravada Buddhist temple was founded by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese community in 1895 to provide a place of worship for civil servants brought in from Sri Lanka during British rule.
  • It houses 400 Sri Lankan Sinhalese monks and one local monk.
  • Theravada Buddhism, or “the Ancient Teaching”, is relatively conservative and generally closer to early Buddhism than other existing Buddhist traditions. It has been a predominant teaching in Sri Lanka for many centuries.
  • Maha Vihara means Big Temple
  • WESAK DAY is a holy day to celebrate Buddha’s birthday every 15th May of the lunar calendar. There will be street processions around KL.
  • The Bodhi trees are the sapling from the 2000 years old Bodhi tree in Sri Lanka; a tree believed to be the cutting of the original tree Buddha received enlightenment.
  • The International Buddhist Pagoda:┬áThis pure white dome structure houses a collection of Buddhist relics & Buddha statues from around the world!
  • Check out the books about Buddhism available for free!
  • Be a “monk” for 2 weeks! Wonder what life is like as a monk? The BMV offers the Novitiate Program that allows anyone to experience a monk’s life for a registration fee of RM100.
  • What the monks wear: A shaved head represents a simple life A Buddhist monk’s robe is typically orange in colour but there is actually no fixed colours for a monk’s robe!
    • Services available: Marriage registrations Dhamma for the blind and deaf Buddhist and Pali Universitiy Diploma courses K Sri Dhammananda Library Sunday Dhamma Classes for children and adults Full moon and new moon day services
    • 123, Jalan Berhala, Brickfields Opening hours: 6:30am-10pm Tel: 03-2274 1141