Sri Maha Muneswarar

  • Muneswarar is one of the avatars of Lord Shiva. “Muni” means saint and “iswarar” represents “Shiva”.
  • Devotees pray to Lord Muneswarar to achieve bliss & good health in life.
  • This temple first started in the 1930s at Jalan Berhala. In 2002, it was relocated to Jalan Scott to make way for the monorail.
  • This Lord Muneswarar statue made of black stone is showered with milk twice a day.
  • You will also find: The fierce Goddess Kaliamman. She is the destroyer of demons.
  • Devotees who donate bricks for the construction of the new temple will have their names written on them.
  • Best time to visit: Sivarathiri & Thiruvilla Festival in February, Chariot procession & Deepavali. During these festivals, other places of worship are invited to join the procession. Among them is the neighbouring Seng Hong temple.
  • Jalan Scott, Brickfields Opening hours: 6am – 10am, 4pm – 10pm
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