Grant opportunity with Projek Dialog!

Projek Dialog will open a small grant competition to CSOs, activists, humanitarian and faith-based organizations interested in implementing innovative ideas with the goal of building religious / ethnic tolerance and community solidarity. The project must be oriented towards the promotion of social good resulting in increased understanding and harmony between different communities in Malaysia. With the help of our partners, Projek Dialog will support and endorse the new web / phone tool and platform. Projects that provide the best services and facilities to stimulate conversations around issues of religious tolerance and mutual harmony in the Malaysian context will stand the highest chance of securing the grant. We are open to innovative ideas. Depending on the particular needs of a proposed project, a seed grant up to the amount of RM 30,000 can be secured by a successful applicant. Examples of possible project ideas include “Ask an Adherent”: “Ask an Adherent” is a phone platform where an individual can ask a question about a specific religion that they may be too embarrassed to ask their friends, colleagues, etc. This platform will provide a safe space for individuals curious about other cultures and religions to gain more understanding about other cultures and religions. Content from each grantee project will also feed into the dedicated standalone website

If you are interested please submit a clear and concise description of your proposal and its objectives, in no more than a thousand words, by Sunday the 31st of March 2013 to A key consideration in pursuing the grant is that the winning candidate must be able to complete the product by June this year.