Projek Dialog Puzzle #2

Here are the answers for Puzzle 1: 1. one of the oldest mosques in Kuala Lumpur: Masjid Jamek 2. St. Mary’s Cathedral located in which jalan? Raja 3. Famose food in Kajang: Sata 4. Rafflesia Flower in Malay: Bunga Pakme 5. biggest Murugan temple out side India located in this city: Penang 6. the Malay rice dish: ikerabu 7. is an intricately designed Malaysian moon-kite: Wau 8. in which city we can find the largest Sitting Buddha in Asia? Kelantan 9. Based on the Chinese calendor 2013 is named after this anima: Snake 10. This ethnic includes 75% of the Indian Malaysian: Tamil