Project Objectives


Leveraging Media for Advocacy Objectives aims to provide detailed and methodical insights into the challenges of attention hacking for civil society and social advocacy.


The findings will be the result of a six month research project focusing on the challenges of gaining Meme and Tik Tok visibility and traction.


Particular focus will be given towards marginalised communities, i.e. communities with neither cultural capital, discursive authorship nor economic and socio-political representation in Malaysia. 


For more information, or ideas for collaboration, please contact us at editor@projekdialog.com 

Meet The Team

lab director

Jeannette goon

has experience in various fields including communications, journalism and entrepreneurship. She has also launched Bayu Harvest, an application that allows farmers in Sabah to sell their produce directly to overseas buyers.


lab co-director


is a lecturer at University of Nottingham Malaysia in the field of cultural and political theory.


Campaign researcher

khadijah zainal

has experience working with refugees and migrant children, where she has worked with the Chow Kit Foundation as an intern. She also carries out volunteer activities with humanitarian NGOs and often thinks about fashion sustainability in her daily life.



ee vonne

is a psychology graduate who’s passionate about mental health. She’s currently creating educational mental health content on Instagram called ReachOut.To.You to reduce the stigma towards mental health in Malaysia.


sing fei

holds a Bachelorʼs Honours degree in International Communication Studies from the University of Nottingham Malaysia. He is primarily interested in Critical Theory and Media Studies.

CONTENT lead for tiktok

ain nabila

is an International Communications student at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. She is currently pursuing several projects which include being apart of Democracy Discourse Series, an 18-month long project aimed at promoting digital media literacy and political awareness among youths in Selangor. Outside her academics, she is also passionate about filmmaking and Tik Tok.


farhan shahmi

is an aspiring media literacy advocate with extensive experience in internet governance. Currently co-leading #AMBILTahu, a media literacy initiative under Democracy Discourse Series Malaysia. A Netmission Ambassador for class 2019-2020,  he is active in programmes of internet governance, both local and regional since 2017. Hobbies include debating on current issues inside his own head, and laughing at memes only he understands.