Joint Collaboration with Bachelor of Social Sciences of Taylor’s University

Recently on the 20th of January 2020, the joint collaboration between Projek Dialog and Bachelor of Social Sciences programme of Taylor’s University was launched. This 5-year partnership or ‘akad nikah’ as the emcee wittily mentioned, aims to create avenues for work-based learning within its social sciences programmes. As spoken by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dr Pradeep […]


Civil Society’s Decade in Review (2010-2020): Part 1: Gains

by Ahmad Fuad Rahmat   In this series of posts we consider civil society’s gains and challenges in the decade that saw their increased prominence in Malaysian politics. This opening entry provides an overview of its key advances.   The BERSIH spark   Civil society’s significance is always tied to political urgency. Operasi Lalang galvanized […]


Ronda Pesta Filem KITA 2020

For the past 2 months, Projek Dialog has embarked on a journey all across Malaysia to bring the people thought-provoking & heart-wrenching short films, along with the opportunity to be filmmakers themselves. Apart of Pesta Filem Kita (PFK), Projek Dialog’s annual Malaysian film festival, the team along with the esteemed filmmakers from previous film festivals […]


Zakir Naik and Freedom of Expression: Lessons Beyond Liberalism

by Ahmad Fuad Rahmat I am not a fan of Zakir Naik. His approach to Islam is intolerant and shallow. His popularity is all the more unearned when we look at the sheer dryness of his rhetoric. Where Malay preachers must at least be humorous or charismatic for mass appeal, Zakir Naik is just simplistic. […]

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Projek Dialog adalah suatu ruang wacana sosial yang ingin memajukan debat dan persefahaman antara pelbagai suku kaum, agama, ideologi dan cara hidup di Malaysia.

Walaupun ramai di kalangan blogger dan penerbit new media pernah mengeluarkan artikel tentang bangsa dan agama, Projek Dialog ingin menyediakan suatu lapangan yang khusus bagi topik-topik ini, khususnya dengan tumpuan khas kepada suara-suara yang terpinggir. Dengan menggunakan pelbagai platform dan media, Projek Dialog menyuarakan dan membincang isu-isu terkini untuk memupuk solidariti dan toleransi.

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