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Sri Sakthi Vinayagar

  • This temple started in squatter houses in Jalan sultan Abdul Samad. In 2005, they moved to the present location.
  • The Karpaga Vinayagar, or the “elephant God” statue is portrayed with a trunk that curves to his right, instead of the usual left, making it the only statue of its kind in Malaysia!
  • Vinayagar is known as the protector & helps clear the path. Most Hindu devotees will pray to Vinayagar before praying to other Hindu deities.
  • Look inside for the Lord Vinayagar statue made entirely out of bananas, brown sugar and cement!
  • The coconut breaking ritual at the front door is common in Shaivite Hindu temples. It signifies the breaking of the human ego & surrendering oneself to God.
  • Cows are sacred in Hinduism because they are the provider of milk!
  •  No.199, Jalan Berhala, Brickfields Opening hours: 6am – 12pm, 6pm – 9:30pm Tel: 03-2274 8624
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