Seng Hong Temple

  • Seng Hong is believed to be the highest ranking position in the underworld (afterlife).
  • This Taoist temple also houses Hindu & Malay deities.
  • Taoist devotees also pray to the Hindu deities in this temple.
  • There was a 26 feet tall Guan Yin statue standing in front of the temple prior to the construction of the monorail.
  • Mediums are usually used for devotees to communicate with deities to ask for favours or solutions to their problems.
  • There is also a herbal steam bath service. Only RM14 per 45mins!
  • Every 24th July of the lunar calendar, devotees celebrate Seng Hong’s birthday & the Hungry Ghost Festival with a procession. In the procession, devotees go into a trance & pierce their bodies with rods, swords and even bicycles!
  • No. 06-0588, Jalan Berhala, Brickfields Tel: 019-331 5233
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