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Orthodox Syrian Church

  • Founded by a group of Syrian Christian men from Kerala in the late 1920s by renting a hall in YMCA. The current building was completed in 1956.
  • Orthodox Syrian Church was established in Malaya in the 1920’s.
  • The spirituality, worship and ethos of the Eastern Church is more mystical , rich in symbols and symbolic expressions.
  • The Orthodox Syrian Church is the only established orthodox church in Malaysia.
  • Services in Malayalam, English, Syriac/Aramaic
  • What the priests wear: The garments used by the priests are influenced from the time of the ancient Greek philosophers ,the Imperial Court of the Roman Empire and the Middle East.
    •  Inside the church: Icon Art: Icons are religious Artworks of the Eastern Orthodox Church. They are usually created by monks and nuns through inspiration from fasting, prayers and penance. Bible stories told through the stained glass are by Malaysian artist, Betty June Chen in 1998.
    • Did you know? Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie visited the church on 23 May 1968. They pray 7 times daily. Images are forbidden in the worship place and cannot be used for adoration.
    • Best time to visit: Every Sunday at 9am for Holy Qurbana service 25th December – Christmas 1st Jan – Circumcision of Christ 8 days after Christmas. Jan 6th – the Feast of Epiphany April/May – the Holy Passion Week (From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday)
    • 1, Jalan Tun Sambanthan 1, Brickfields Tel: 03-2273 1548

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